KNIGHT FRANK – Global Cities The 2018 Report

KNIGHT FRANK – Global Cities The 2018 Report

The Future Of Real Estate

The Trends Shaping 40 Leading Cities


Best In Class

Delivering quality and matching the trends is a proven strategy in real estate. We look at how to achieve this.

The real estate business is all about planning for the future. An occupier must judge their organisation’s business space requirements for years ahead. Property investors must balance the desire to get in on the next big trend, against the risk of being wrong-footed by a future downturn. Yet, preparing for the future is difficult in a world where the surprising routinely occurs. Office occupiers are happy to trail blaze new districts – thus expanding what constitutes ‘the core’ – while coworking is a rising tide. Flexibility is a popular word, used in many different contexts. Vehicles are starting to drive themselves, while e-commerce is flourishing, placing logistics and retail property in the midst of a revolution. Investors are looking at new markets and different property sectors in the search for higher returns.

In such a disrupted world, what continuous trends can we identify to inform decision making? A recurring message is that best in class continues to out perform, both in the occupier and investment markets. The challenge is to keep abreast of what constitutes the best, which morphs according to the needs of occupiers and where we are in the investment cycle. This year’s Global Cities report is a comprehensive study of the current definition of best in class in real estate. Throughout the report you will hear directly from our experts in the 40 Global Cities how this applies in their markets. We hope it provides you with the necessary facts and insights to inform your future real estate decisions.